About the complete patient experience






We plan to cover 5 main topics.

Patients lived experiences of pain

Probably one of the biggest advances in therapy over the last 10 years have been the increased understanding of the patients experience in the therapeutic process.

Come and hear some real patient experiences and what really matters to patients.  get some key tips on how to improve your listening and interaction skills.


Touch is still an important part of human connection and the clinical experience. Touch can come in many ways from basic human contact to formal examination and manual therapy.

Learn how to reconceptualise the concept of touch in line with modern people and pain science.

Movement  & exercise

Movement and exercise, and don’t forget activity, are some of the most important tools that we have.

Learn more about exercise and its relationship with pain and modern exercise prescription that is patient centered.


Education can come in many formats from basic advice about the problem, to pain education and also education about exercise and movement.

Learn the importance of education and how to better implement in practice.

Business and the patient experience

Healthcare is a business, and sometimes it can be a dirty one.

Learn how can we might improve our patients experience with healthcare and also run a successful ethical business to boot.


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