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Dr. Mark Kargela provides physical therapy services and supervises Midwestern University’s Physical Therapy Institute, a university-based clinic setting, where he practices general orthopedics with special interest in spine and persistent pain conditions. In addition to his work at the Midwestern University, Mark also has been regular lecturer at Phoenix-area universities and continues to serve in an adjunct faculty role at Franklin Pierce University where he teaches a course in pain science. Mark owns his own continuing education company, Modern Pain Care, where he teaches coursework in modern pain neuroscience and incorporating it into daily patient care.

Dec 27

Pain Science – An Optional Tool???

By kargelam | Manual Therapy

The professional journey of many physical therapists seems to have a lot of similarities. Entering the profession we often feel pretty confident in our skills and then we are humbled by patient after patient who do not respond the way the text book had convinced us they should. This often stimulates a quest to fill […]

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Oct 24

What is Skilled Manual Therapy?

By kargelam | Manual Therapy

There seems to be a rising conflict in physical therapy in regards to the use of manual therapy.  We have some who say we need to abandon it completely and that the short-term effects it generates are not worth the hands on care and possible dependence it could generate.  On the other extreme there are […]

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